Ultra-low ablation temperatures from the simplest design

The CryoCell provides a clean, rapidly cooled sample space for controlled analysis of samples requiring sub-zero temperatures, with an efficient switch to and from CryoCell applications.

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Clean Peltier Design

  • A simple Peltier based design accompanied with solid state cooling offers a clean appearance for any laboratory
  • The device can be operated for 24+ hours with a temperature stability of +/- 1 degree of the setpoint

Efficient TCUBE Benchtop Chiller

  • High performance cooling capabilities with 0.1 °C set point intervals
  • Temperature stability of 1 °C over extended periods of time

Insert Size

  • The CryoCell inserts have the same footprint as the standard insert which allows for easy conversion to and from standard mode
  • The sample space allows for the analysis of wet biological samples, ice cores, fluid inclusions, and many more applications
  • Quick cooling of sample space to set point

Chamber Capability

  • Available for TwoVol2 and TwoVol3 cells, the CryoCell is an efficient and effective way to rapidly cool a variety of samples up to -20 °C

ActiveView2 Software Add-in

  • A built-in application for ActiveView2 makes it easy to control and monitor your sample temperature

Additional Laser Ablation Accessories