imageBIO266 - High speed, high resolution imaging of biological matrices

The first instrument designed for the single task of bioimaging

Bioimaging requires lower fluence, better stability and superior sample transport. The imageBIO266 is designed for the sole task of high resolution, high-speed bioimaging by LA-ICPMS.

  • Selective ablation of sample tissue over glass slide substrate makes optimization of experiment conditions a breeze
  • Field proven in bioimaging labs worldwide
  • A total solution for bioimaging workflows

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Single solution to a single problem – perform high resolution bioimaging quickly and reliably.

Features & Benefits:

  • High resolution optical attenuation for precise fluence selection and optimal laser stability
  • 266 nm gives significantly higher bandgap than 193 nm
  • Small format benchtop design
  • Solid-state laser means no ArF gas and low cost of ownership
  • Software based communications with ICP-TOF-MS instruments
  • Seamless workflows for precise images
  • <1 ms single peak response (SPR) for ultra-fast imaging


  • Wavelength: 266 nm
  • Repetition Rate: 1 – 1000 Hz
  • Fluence: 6 J/cm2 at the sample surface
  • Spot sizes: 1 – 65 microns

imageBIO266 Data & Image Mapping

imageBIO266 Features Diagram

imageBIO266 Features Diagram


  • Elemental imaging of tissues
  • Elemental imaging of single cells
  • Elemental imaging of biological materials e.g. teeth, bones
  • Elemental imaging of leaves and roots


  • Biological thin sections for medical research
  • Cellular structure for medical research and binding studies

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