Introducing Artifact from Elemental Scientific Lasers

ESL Artifact is a laser ablation system with an extra-large chamber for large and/or precious samples. The system also comes with a TwoVol2 or TwoVol3 Ablation chamber for application flexibility and optimization of workflow when working with specialized applications.

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With an extra-large additional laser ablation chamber for application flexiblity and optimization of large and/or precious samples


  • Additional secondary workspace
  • Ample space for accommodation of large & precious samples
  • Software switch from primary ablation chamber to secondary workspace
  • Secondary workspace can incorporate SelfSeal technology
  • Ablation occurs in a Class 1 laser safe environment



  • Large, precious and irregular samples
  • Archaeological
  • Artwork
  • Vases
  • Jewelry
  • Gemstones
  • Nuclear Samples


  • Laser beam and video is easily switched from main instrument chamber into secondary, "Artifact" workspace
  • The Artifact workspace can be equipped with Selfeal technology for analysis of large or irregularly shaped samples
  • Includes a standard ESL laser ablation system with TwoVol2 or TwoVol3 ablation chamber for more standard LA applications
  • System is on wheels for laboratory mobility

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