AutoCal - Automated Energy Calibration

Automated energy calibration in a “laser safe” environment

Regular energy calibration is an important maintenance step for all LA instrumentation. Such regular calibration against a certified energy meter is the only way to ensure the fluence selected and displayed within the software is accurate. It is especially important when quoting fluence for publication purposes since with accurate calibration and reporting, the scientific method can be replicated readily by users of other instrumentation.

Quick and Easy Energy Calibration for ESL series LA

Features & Benefits:

  • Automated energy calibration at the sample plane
  • Performs energy calibration across ALL achievable fluences and spot sizes
  • Enables more accurate energy calibration in a He environment
  • Class 1, laser safe operation
  • Automated via an ActiveView2 software plugin and ESL platform USB interface


  • For all ESL series LA instruments of the following configuration:
  • Low fluence version available for imageBIO266 and ESLfemto for optimum calibration at lower fluences

Additional Laser Ablation Accessories