LA-ICPMS forensic
Suitable for a wide range of applications with simplicity and reliability.

LA-ICPMS analysis


la icp ms technique

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laser ablation process, LA-ICPMS forensic, most powerful, solid state

The most powerful and the industry's gold standard in 213 nm solid state laser ablation.

The ESL213 is an affordable yet no compromise instrument suitable for a wide range of applications. A perfect complement to any ICP, ICPMS, noble gas or stable isotope mass spectrometer.

Solid State Laser Ablation for superior performance and benchmark analytical results.

  • Environmental
  • Geological
  • Forensic
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Electronic
  • Manufacturing (metals/glass/plastics)
  • Forensics
  • Geochronology
  • Trace Element Analysis
  • Sample Screening
  • Purity testing
  • Material characterization
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Biological/plant materials
  • Rocks, minerals, glasses, plastics, powders, biological, thin films, ceramics, metals and alloys
  • Analysis of geological materials, including volcanic glasses, silicate minerals and calcite
  • Direct analysis of pressed powders
  • Bulk analysis on metals, alloys, polymers and ceramics
  • Micro-feature analysis on fluid inclusions in quartz and halite
  • Direct micro-analysis on mineral grains
  • Elemental imaging

Industry's Gold Standard – Unmatched HD main video and touch screen wide angle navigation.

  • Laser: Nd:YAG
  • Wavelength: 213 nm
  • Max Repetition Rate: 20 Hz
  • Fluence: 25 J/cm2 at the sample surface
  • Spot Sizes: 4–250 microns
  • Ablation Chambers: TwoVol2

Automated analysis, state-of-the-art and high performance.

  • Unmatched HD main video and touch screen wide angle navigation
  • Elemental Scientific manufactured and maintained laser source – designed solely for LA applications
  • Optional rotating XYR aperture for square and rectangular ablations
  • Flexible Infinitely Variable Aperture (IVA) provides spot size selection in 1 micron increments
  • Optional second MFC for N2 flow control

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