Ultra-high vacuum laser ablation chamber – Class 1 as standard
Ultra-high vacuum laser ablation chamber
– Class 1 as standard

LA-ICPMS analysis


la icp ms technique

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The UHV chamber from ESL fits seamlessly into the NWR platform in a laser-safe Class 1 environment through an innovative design by University College London.

Flush geometry

  • Designed with recessed bolts and a flush sapphire window to maximise available volume and eliminate contact between the chamber and the objective lens

Large working area

  • 52 mm sapphire window gives huge working area. Volume can be reduced using spacers inside the chamber

Ultra-High Vacuum

  • Tested to <10-10 atm-cc/sec

Flexible Applications

  • The UHV chamber can be switched to a standard TwoVol2 sample chamber (for ICPMS) in under 10 minutes by the user using the same high-precision stage unit.
  • Suitable for 213 nm, 193 nm and femtosecond laser ablation systems.

Unsurpassed stage return accuracy

  • High precision cross-roller stages with direct, non-cantilevered stage mounting for consistent loading at all stage positions – less wear and tear on stages
  • Return exactly to the location of original pattern placement – analyze where you intend to
  • < 1.5 µm short term stage return accuracy
  • < 4 µm long term stage return accuracy
  • < 1 µm long term stage return accuracy with ImageLock