Fastest commercially available laser ablation chamber on the market
FASTEST commercially available
ablation chamber on the market

LA-ICPMS analysis


la icp ms technique

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The TwoVol3 is the first ablation chamber to provide < 1 ms peak widths for both refractory and biological matrices to enable the highest resolution imaging experiments to proceed in the shortest possible timeframe.

Patented user switchable modes

  • Can be readily converted by the user to a second “Analytical Mode” in which peak widths are more fit for purpose for non-imaging experiments
  • Enables fully resolved pixel acquisition up to 1 kHz
  • Allows a variety of applications to be performed without limiting data quality
    • 1) Imaging Mode – for highest resolution imaging in the shortest time
    • 2) Analytical Mode- for unmatched spatial reproducibility to limit variation (< 1%) in elemental and isotopic ratio determination

Aerosol transport

  • When combined with Elemental Scientific Lasers’ Dual Concentric Injector (DCI) technology a truly linear aerosol path from ablation site to ICP is achieved.
  • Featuring Elemental Scientific Lasers’ Typhoon purge mechanism for the fastest and most efficient removal of atmospheric gases.
  • Innovative and patented internal gas valving system.
  • Symmetrical gas flow system enables gas outlet on both the left and right of the TwoVol3 depending upon the location of the ICP.

Innovative XY stage

  • Fast, nano-grade, 100mm x 100mm XY stages provide 10 nm accuracy
  • Internal Z stage enables optimization of sample surface to “cup” geometry
  • Truly fixed internal geometry

The TwoVol3 ablation chamber is compatible with many options for specialized applications


  • CryoCell for wet tissue and fluid inclusion analysis
  • Dual Concentric Injector (DCI) for 10X improved washout times
  • Signal Smoothers
  • A variety of sample chamber inserts for sample accommodation
Fastest commercially available laser ablation chamber on the market

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