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Optimal positional reproducibility over large working area

Ablation Chamber - Optimal positional reproducibility over large working area.

  • <2 % RSD for a wide suite of elements in all positions in the chamber making the entire sample chamber usable.
  • Standard chamber working area is 100 mm x 100 mm with large format version (150 mm x 150 mm) available allowing many or large samples.

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Ultra-fast washout

Dual Concentric Injector - Ultra-fast washout.

  • The Dual Concentric Injector (DCI) enables complete transient peak width of <50 ms for high speed or high resolution imaging.
  • Improved spatial resolution in imaging experiments – true sub-micron ablations available with image BIO and iamge GEO.
  • Faster imaging speeds with less lateral “smearing”.
  • Keeping ions on axis and improving transmission through the ICPMS interface increases signal intensity.

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Laser ablation ICPMS or ICP-OES

Laser Ablation System - ICPMS or ICP-OES for high throughput trace elemental analysis.

The advantage of Laser SC is the use of “sequential” rather than “batch” analysis. Each sample is presented, analyzed and deposited one at a time. Time-to-result is short because just one sample is needed to begin sampling – others can be added on-the-fly without affecting throughput.

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