ActiveView2 Software
Software designed to maximize sample
imagery and streamline workflow

LA-ICPMS analysis


la icp ms technique

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Intuitive layout and navigation

  • Layout is optimized for users to concentrate on viewing their samples.
  • All visual information shown on the same coordinate plane for intuitive navigation.
  • Tabs are collapsible to maximize video real estate – fundamentally, laser ablation is a visual technique.
  • Sample maps utilize either camera for in-situ mosaics.
  • Imagery organized into “layers” so the opacity of images from multiple sources can be manipulated independently and viewed simultaneously.
  • Scroll through layers with mouse wheel for optimum viewing.

Workflow promotion

  • New layout developed around significant user input – long experiments are easier to set up and run.
  • Software functionality is divided into tabs which are organized in order of workflow so users can quickly and intuitively set up experiments.
  • Spreadsheet view of pattern property metadata makes for easy editing, ordering, and export to customizable CSV files.
  • ImageLock improves stage return accuracy to <1 µm using image recognition so the ablation always occurs exactly where it was intended.
  • Roaming Mode enables users to run their experiment … and continue to place patterns simultaneously rather than waiting for the experiment to complete.
  • Auto-add and auto-distribute functions simplify reference material pattern handling.